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How can I buy at 4house?

Before star your shopping we recommend that you read the terms and conditions.
To start buying it is important that you do the registration, then you can start shopping.

Do I need to register in order  to shop at 4house online shop?

You can browse the online store and select the items you want to buy, but to be able to finalize the purchase you will need  to register and log in.  If you have not made the registration you will be asked to and only then 4house can get the payment and delivery information needed.

How can I pay?

4house has the following  payment methods:
-Visa or MasterCard – If you choose this  type of payment, you will need to fill in all the information required, relative to the credit card. It will be made directly on a secure page of the electonic payment service  provider.

What about shipping?

If you choose to receive your order in a 4house store, shipping is free.
For mainland Portugal shipping the values are:

Shopping value

Shipping value

Until 30€


From 30€ to 100€





The shipping to the islands (Açores and Madeira) as wellas  to European Union will be calculated based on volumetric weight.

The online store prices are the same ason the  physical stores?

Prices shown on the site are the same prices that are established for the stores. However, the site benefits customers with online exclusive promotions clearly identified.


How can I receive 4house news?

Just subscribe to  our newsletter


What is the shipping and delivery procedure of my order?

The shipping process will be started after payment confirmation. At purchase moment you can choose between request delivery to an address or get into one of our stores. See shipments and deliveries terms and conditions.


Can I cancel my online store orders?

You can cancel your order if it has not already been sent.
To cancel your order contact apoioclient@4house.pt or  +351914077353 on working days from 9am to 6pm.


What do I have to do to return an order?

To return your order please read the Terms and Conditions of returns and exchanges.

4house offers a support service for online customers?

You can contact us by sending a email to apoioclient@4house.pt or calling  +351914077353 on working days from 9am to 6pm.