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The 4house is a company that sells products of decoration and utilities for the house. It has a wide range of products differentiated in the usual market.

The company was incorporated in 2009, started its activity with two employees and a store in the town of Maia, and this time is already with 23 employees and five stores. Being located in the following locations: Maiashopping, Mira Maia, Center for Vila Nova de Famalicão, Vivaci Caldas da Rainha and Rio Sul Shopping

In 2014 we decided to proceed with the project's online store, aiming to facilitate the purchase through to our customers.

For products that are available in our stores, among many imported products, particularly between the East and the West, we highlight the national products we sell, which make up between 30-40% of our sales mix. However, we intend to increase this percentage in the future mix of domestic products.

We also have the goal of developing partnerships with national companies, for we can develop products with our own brand. This is certainly an aspect to strengthen, as we consider to be an element that differentiates us from every market.

Among our product mix we highlight some, notably in textiles: quilts, sheets, bedding, bath towels / Turks, tablecloths and complete systems for kitchen decoration lines. We also highlight the product range of fabrics.


The 4house aims often present new collections from the most varied ranges of products always with the best quality / price.

Above all, the 4house want to connect proximity with its clients, always providing solutions to meet all needs.


The 4house intends to develop more and more products with its own brand, with its own design and affordable price. It also aims to continue to expose their products so that the customer has the right perception of how would all the products in their homes.


Centro Comercial Mira Maia

Estrada Real 95, 4470-274 Moreira da Maia, Portugal.

MP: +351 910 957 861 email: maiavivaci@4house.pt

Time: 10h às 23h every day

Centro Comercial Vivaci Caldas da Rainha

Rua Belchior de Matos, nº11, 2500 – 324, Caldas da Rainha.

MP: +351 910 957 858 email: caldas@4house.pt

Time: 10h às 23h every day

Praça Dona Maria II, nº1282, 4760-111 Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal

MP: +351 916 961 947 email: vnf@4house.pt

Time: 10h às 23h every day


Lugar de Ardegães, 4425-500 Águas Santas, Maia, Portugal.

MP: +351 915 630 978 email: maiashopping@4house.pt

Time: 10h às 23h every day